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     Appetizers - Spreads

          All-Purpose Horseradish Spread
          Apricot-Cream Cheese Spread
          Cheese and Bacon Spread
          Cheese Nut Spread
          Chili and Monterey Jack Spread
          Curried Tuna Spread
          Easy Tuna Spread
          Gail's Super Crabmeat Spread
          Hawaiian Cheese Spread
          Hawaiian Coconut Spread
          Hawaiian Ham Spread
          Herbed Cheese Spread
          Honey-Nut Spread
          Hot Artichoke Spread
          Hot Crab Spread II
          Hot Crab Spread or Dip
          Landlubber Crabmeat Spread
          Molded Shrimp Spread
          Nacho Cheese Spread
          Nacho Cheese Spread
          Olive Basil Cheese Spread
          Oriental Cheese Spread
          Pimiento Cheese Spread
          Pimiento Cheese Spread II
          Pine Nut Cheese Spread
          Quick Mexican Spread
          Roquefort Cheese Spread
          Salmon and Horseradish Spread
          Salmon Cheese Spread
          Seasfood Spread
          Serbian Herb Cheese Spread
          Sherried Spread
          Shrimp Cucumber Spread
          Shrimp Spread
          Shrimp Spread II
          Shrimp Spread III
          Six Point Spread
          Smoked Salmon Spread
          Smoked Salmon Spread II
          Smoked Salmon Spread II
          Smoked Salmon Spread III
          Smoked Salmon Spread III
          Smoked Trout Pate'
          Soft Cheese Pate'
          Sombrero Spread
          Spreading Forest Fire
          Surprise Spread
          Three Way Split Spreads
          Worcestershire-Cheddar Spread
          Zesty Herb Spread
          Zucchini Spread

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